Monday, June 4, 2012

The Beatles

After suffering through several failed auditions the Band known as The Beatles had also been turned down by some major record companies and their future looked pretty dim, their manager Brian Epstein landed a meeting with George Martin at Parlophone records who was having success unusual recording acts. George Martin wasn’t impressed with the band’s music, but he felt the band had promise because of their arrangements and the sharing of the vocal leads, he gave them a test at the famous Abbey Road studios with was owned by EMI.

Since George Martin produced music for people like Peter Sellers and the Beatles were big fans he took a liking to them. They gave the try out their best, but Martin wasn’t impressed with their material and thought that their drummer Pete Best was not a good match. Even though he wasn’t sold on the talent of these young men he offered them a
5-year contract.

In March of 1963 the Beatles released the Please Please me album after several successful singles and it stayed on the top of the charts for over 6 months, and it only took them 12 hours in the studio to complete it. These young men hit the American shores in February 1964, which came to be known as “The British Invasion”.

Revolver was the 7th studio album by the Beatles and it brought in new innovations and a radical new phase in their recording career, and staying on both the British and American charts for many weeks. The album used vocal tracking and compression on the drums that was a innovative approach in music at the time. The album was creative and the band experimented to give it a new feel from their previous works. They used the studio as an instrument by recording tracks in their home studios and then using them in the sessions at Abbey Road, and they experimented with compression not only on the drums but also on guitars as well as guitar feedback, in the studio they tried any and everything to be different.

For me the Revolver album influenced me in the way I perceived the social climate and it helped shaped who I am today. I really liked this body of work and as a musical professional I can use what they used in my musical toolbox.   

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