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You did a great job on Revolver Victor; I am impressed by the details and how you describe how Revolver became The Beatles rebellion album. I know you will do well in your blog writing.

Laman Richards

Roland Chabot MH2 Blog

This post was magnificent Roland you got into The Beach Boys transition to the psychedelic rock area and the impact it had on young America. The Beach Boys made great contributions to the music industry and your post proves it.

Laman Richards

Zachary Dendinger MH2 Blog

You covered Brian Wilson and the evolution of The Beach Boys in fine fashion, you gave your readers a clear picture as to how they got their start and their contribution to the culture and music industry. Thank you for your post.

Laman Richards

My comment on Martarius Hersey blog post on “Kraftwerk” and their music at

Great job Martarius on your blog post about the group “Kraftwerk” and their innovative approach to making great music, I like the fact that you mentioned how they used a “Hitler-like” theme for their visual look and locked it to the feel of their music. The fact that they based their album "Autobahn" on the Beach Boys sound and harmonies is timely, they used the combination of the classical and experimental music to craft a sound that hit the dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic made them a huge success. Overall this is a great post, but I would keep an eye on your grammar and maybe add some images to help your blog stand out. Thanks for your post.

My comments on Elise Haggenmacher MH2 Blog

Nice post Elise, I have heard of The Chemical Brothers but never knew much about their music, one thing I didn’t know was that they were from the UK and I didn’t know that they were the pioneers of the Big Beat sound. Your post is very professional and easy to read the information you provided give an in depth view of the genre and how They manage to change styles when the Big Beat genre fell off switching to Techno and Trance. I like your blog post and will make sure to keep checking out your posts. Thank you and keep up your good works. 

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  1. My comment on Brian Kerley MH2 Blog.

    Thank you Brian for this insightful blog post on The Velvet Underground. I agree that their music was an attack on everyone’s ears and it was in your face music. The combination of Maureen Tucker’s drumming, Lou Reed’s vivid lyrics, deadpan and dark vocals from Nico and John Cale’s avant-garde musical style this group started a revolution in the music industry. It was their association with Andy Warhol that gave them their pop-art image and lead the way to the Punk and alternate styles of Rock music.

    I like your post but the grammar does need some work, I found it a little hard to follow along. It seemed that all the information flowed into each other, but overall your post is telling the story of The Velvet Underground.