Welcome to my MH2 Blog

Welcome to my Music History 2 Music Blog, my name is Laman Richards and I live in New York City. I    have been writing and producing music for several artist in the New York City metropolitan area since 2005. I am currently working with a female artist from Atlanta, Ga, and have placed several instrumentals music tracks on Cable TV Shows. I have been attending Full Sail University's Music Production Bachelors Degree Program since June 2010 and will graduate in March of 2013.

My music is featured in
"Beverly Hills Fabulous"
"All On The Line"
"Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best"

I am focusing my blog on the visionary music producers and Bands from the early 1960's to today and their contributions to the history of modern music, I will give reviews of their music and its influence on music culture from the early 1960" to the music we listen to today.

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