Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brian Eno

Brian Eno who has a very long name, Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, known professionally as Brian Eno and sometimes as just plain Eno, is a composer, record producer, singer, musician, and a visual artist better known as the Godfather of ambient music was born on the 15 of May, 1948 in Woodbridge, England. He’s produced some of the most famous music artist on this planet, and used every piece of technology available.

His music and the technology he used had a major impact on the electronic music and the many legends that he produced, he said “once upon a time a violin was technology, once upon a time an organ was technology” and the people who built and created them were “working at the cutting edge of the technologies of their time”. For Brian he had a building block approach to making music and this made for great dance music.

Brian was greatly influenced by African music and saw his music as “unlock music” meaning a lot of things drift separately and we listen to the results. Brian coined the phase ambient music after a near fatal accident while recovering. He had what is called a minimalist sensibility and his sound processing technique created an amazing album that he collaborated on with guitarist Robert Fripp called “No Pussyfooting”, according to David N. Howard’s book Sonic Alchemy his pioneering utilization of studio-facilitated tape-looping and sampling techniques became widely used in hip-hop and electronica, this helped him to see the studio as a place to change music instead of reproducing it.

For me as a professional learning from his innovations and studio tricks I have found more ammunition for my musical toolbox, ideas that I can find useful in creating my musical productions and as a listener I have learned to appreciate this genre of music.   

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